In all four nations we witness more attempts to curb our Human Rights and Freedoms. 

We invite you all to write to your MP’s to oppose the measures on the basis that by doing so they would in fact be saving lives as lockdowns kill people. 

The letters includes several links to important research and information that demonstrate that lockdowns don’t work and that their impact is negative in many ways.  You can visit those links yourself by clicking on them in the letter preview for your country below. 

England – Write to your MP ahead of the vote on Wednesday where they have the chance to vote against Boris’s proposed lockdown until February. 

Wales – Write to your MP ahead of their review of lockdown measures this week and ask them to oppose them. 

Scotland – Write to your MP to ask them to write to Nicola Sturgeon on your behalf to express your opposition not only for lockdown but the lack of democratic due process as this new lockdown was put in place by a Statutory Instrument signed off by one person. 

Northern Ireland – Write to your MP ahead of their discussion this week regarding school closures and ask them to oppose lockdowns and school closures at every opportunity as they are reviewed fortnightly. 

Letter Previews

Click the button for your country to preview the letter we will send.  Then complete the form below to send your letter.

Campaign is Now Closed

Sorry but the current campaign is now closed.




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