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We watched aghast as, Rishi Sunak, the richest MP in Parliament gave his Spring 2022 budget and told himself he was doing a good job. 
He is clearly out of touch with the people and therefore it is going to be up to us to let him know that we are not in agreement with him. 

Fill in the form below and please CC in your MP so they can help hold Rishi to account. 

Dear Rishi, 

I am writing to you today in response to your Spring Budget 2022 announcement. As I am sure you are aware, your proposals have been heavily criticised. This is because what you are offering doesn’t go nearly far enough. 

Many people don’t own cars or pay National insurance tax already and even if they do the meagre cuts are nothing in comparison to the soaring costs of living. 

Save Our Rights UK and Energy Support and Advice UK have united and launched the Heat and Eat Campaign. This is a campaign that truly works for the people and would enable all to Heat and Eat, instead of having to make the choice as many currently are. 

Do you want to be responsible for that? People having to choose between using their CPAP machine at night or feeding their three young children? Millions being plunged into poverty? That is the current reality of the situation that you are causing. 

Save Our Rights UK and Energy Support and Advice UK have a full briefing document which cites evidence and includes costs in some areas. This was written while liaising with energy suppliers, benefits advisors and former treasury economists. 

It covers a number of areas and is broken down into three main points: 


  • HALT the National insurance tax hike
  • HALT the 54% energy price cap rise



  • RAISE benefits in line with inflation
  • ENABLE more people to get help 
  • INCREASE the winter discounts
  • INCREASE Local Housing Allowance



  • INCREASE energy efficiency funding
  • MAKE funding more accessible  
  • ENSURE all homes are brought up to a minimum of Category D EPC rating  within 5 years


This is what the people need. I am writing to you today to put this forward as a proposal that I believe in and I am behind. The way people are living is inhumane and cannot be allowed to continue. To do so is arguably contrary to Article 3 of our Human Rights – the right to live free of inhumane and degrading treatment. Our right to dignity is an absolute right.

I have cc’d in my MP so they can also respond and I implore them to speak out in favour of this campaign. 

Kind regards, 

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