As a grassroots movement, we rely on volunteers to lend their time, skills and expertise, to help us in getting our message to the masses.

All roles will require you to dedicate anywhere from 4 to 10 hours per week of your time (more if you have it) to help us grow this movement and spread the word to the masses.

We’re always looking for volunteers to join our team in all areas, but are currently actively recruiting for the following roles:

We’re currently needing Team Leaders to help us manage teams across our organisation, including (but not inclusive): marketing, social media, HR, outreach, PR, etc…

With experience in managing projects or teams of people, you will be a proactive self-starter who can quickly become familiar with team aims & outcomes to ensure your team are on track to producing the outcomes of each project.

Essential skills:

  • Solid and demonstrable line management experience and good knowledge of team development, managing teams from 4 to 20+.
  • Experience working in a large, fast paced business.


Desired understanding/experience of:

  • marketing &/or content marketing
  • social media platforms, engagement & management
  • business development &/or organisational structure
  • cross team management


We need content marketers with experience in creating marketing plans that cover everything from social media planning to campaign planning and email marketing.

You will have the ability to work from our mission and vision statements, branding and roadmap for growing the movement.

You can create simple yet clear and concise plans to be be implemented across a range of media platforms.

An ability to write copy along with an understanding of social media marketing and storytelling are beneficial, although not required for this role.

Experienced in writing blogs and well researched articles?

If you’re able to gather the research, then disseminate it in a clear and concise way that supports others in finding the truth, you could very well be one of our growing team of content writers for our platform.

You’ll have a choice of writing anonymously or publicly and will be writing articles on government legislation, medical data and even sharing the stories of real people affected by the lockdown situation.

We are seeking a strong and multidisciplinary full stack PHP Developer to help craft our platform. The ideal volunteer is a self-starter, has strong experience in Laravel, VUE JS or React JS, with experience in UI design patterns, responsive approaches and front end.

We are building an array of scalable products; ranging from, a social networking platform, to a political engagement platform. The work will be largely focused on enhancing the front end experience on our platforms and integrating new features using APIs (custom and 3rd party), and incorporating new UX and UI design for our growing platforms. Restful API knowledge and front end tools like Tailwind, Material UI are a must. A bonus would be the ability to help support some marketing engineering efforts (WordPress API, Send Grid API etc).

Utility developers that love to have a mix of work and mediums alongside longer arc initiatives will LOVE this role. We have a lot of great ideas and want more, so this engineer will be able to put their mark on a fast growing company. You will work alongside a great group of full and part time designers and engineers.

The Role:

  • Work closely with design and product to implement features
  • Build and maintain efficient code bases
  • Address incoming issues and feature requests.
  • Optimise platforms for responsiveness and speed.
  • Ensure projects meet established accessibility guidelines.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for use now and in the future.
  • Document code in-line and through READMEs and Confluence.
  • Participate in code reviews and provide thoughtful & constructive feedback to other team members.


Skills and Technical Experience:

  • Strong experience using Laravel, VueJs; React, Node.js, WordPress, Styled Components/Emotion, CSS, APIs, HTML, AWS, etc
  • Well-versed in using Doctrine, Laravel Queues, Eloquent
  • Experience building robust frontend experiences using reusable components (Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap familiarity a plus)
  • Experience working with and creating REST API’s; Stripe integration experience is a bonus
  • Passionate about writing well-structured, efficient, tested and maintainable code, actively keeping the quality of the code base in check
  • 2+ years of experience
  • Experience turning ideas and wireframes into well-executed code
  • Track record of deploying apps at scale with easily maintainable code
  • Knowledge of good UX practices and design fundamentals
  • Web application systems architecture & design
  • Experience with server configuration and automated deployments.
  • Experience using AWS as an infrastructure solution is a bonus
  • Knowledge in MVVM and client-side frameworks such as Livewire, Vue, and React.
  • Strong agile mindset, able to iterate fast and give early feedback.

We require tech savvy, customer oriented individuals to assist with supporting our members on our new social network,

You will need to have the ability to:

  • communicate clearly
  • identify client problems and finding solutions in a timely manner


Experience with:

  • troubleshooting WordPress
  • working with ticket systems

You’re versed in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) but also willing to work in Canva as required. {You will need to have your own copy of ACS but will be given access to Canva.}

Experience with conceptualising and creating designs to capture our brand whilst ensuring the message is not lost across a variety of projects is essential.

Experience or ability to work within a rapidly changing environment and small, but growing and diverse IT, Design & Marketing Teams is also needed.

Ability to work on multiple projects and responsive to requests from marketing team.

As an experienced social media marketer, you love to geek out on analysing the performance data, optimising social media campaigns and creating cohesive, yet compelling strategies and content to promote the goals of our organisation.

Essential Skills:

  • Develop cross-channel strategies that align to and achieve organisation goals.
  • Develop and maintain social media strategies, best practices, guides and policies.
  • Define key KPIs and performance benchmarks, referring to performance data analysis, for social channels.
  • Lead on, and launch, social campaigns.


You Will Have:

  • Solid and demonstrable line management experience and good knowledge of team development.
  • Excellent understanding of balancing theory and practicality to achieve goals.
  • Proven experience in creating, developing and executing social media strategy and plans.
  • Experience in utilising performance data to optimise campaigns.
  • Experience working in a large, fast paced business.


Platforms We Currently Use:

  • Facebook pages & groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Independent platform (

With a Facebook group of over 26,000 members, a Facebook page with over 60k followers and a new social network launched recently, we need individuals who can diligently help us moderate pending posts, moderate and engage with group members, manage our Facebook Page inbox, etc.

We currently require individuals for the following roles across our Facebook page, group and independent social network:

  • Moderators
  • Community Engagement


If you’re experienced and well-versed in researching complex topics, this may be the perfect role for you!

With the current situation changing daily, we are looking to build out a team of researchers who can help us stay on top of the rapid changing world of politics, legislation, medical information and science.

To fit this role, you’ll need to be:

  • A reliable, self-motivated and thorough researcher.
  • Able to ethically perform thorough and objective research into a variety of subjects.
  • Compile and organise findings into articles, papers, graphs, charts, mock-ups, diagrams and infographics
  • Effective communicator, able to identify trends and patterns.
  • Used to working to tight deadlines.
    Familiar with database management
  • Experience in designing surveys, questionnaires, polls, etc a useful trait!
  • Good sense of humour is absolutely critical!


Experience in researching and navigating:

  • Hansard
  • BMJ (& other medical/scientific sites/journals)
  • Google Scholar
    (not inclusive, but gives you an idea)


We currently use a chatbot (Manychat) to help us manage the number of messages we receive from our various social media pages. This role will require you to monitor and respond to queries via our chatbot in a timely and respectable manner. 

No experience required, although good communication and a knack for dealing with often frustrated or upsetting enquiries would be very beneficial.

Personal Admins are required to assist throughout the organisation. Some of the tasks you will be taking on include:

  • Email management – regular checking & responding to email requests for interviews
  • Calendar management
  • FB inbox management
  • Communicating across teams and with external organisations

We are seeking a multi-faceted motion graphics animator to help expand our repertoire of content creation and elevate our media presence. The ideal candidate will have experience with After Effects & Cinema 4d alongside Photoshop & Illustrator. A strong understanding of both graphic design and animation principles is a must and experience with character animation is a huge plus.

The ideal motion graphics artist will enable us communicate to a wide variety of people both simply an effectively. As an addition to the marketing and media production team you will be tasked in creating imaginative, eye-catching and captivating motion graphics and infographics to help communicate the goals and human rights campaigns of SORUK.

Ideally you will be self-motivated and have strong tool-kit of ideation and conceptualisation techniques that will allow you to bring to life the SORUK branding in a 2D and pseudo 3D landscape.


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