Behind SORUK is a team of individuals driving this movement forward. We are not a faceless organisation. We are individuals all leading our own lives and trying to work our way through this together.






Save Our Rights UK is managed by a small core team and a handful of volunteers with a diverse set of skills, who are helping us to achieve our goals, but it’s you, our community, who have come together to joined us to help make SORUK a strong, kind and willing support network.

With all of us joined together, we feel excitement at the new future we are creating.
A new era of good is close and we are going to be part of it.


Coronavirus Act 2020 shone a huge light on all of the failings of the government. Many people felt that the restrictions that the government places on our lives, at the drop of a hat, were not reasonable or proportionate. We felt as though we did not have a voice or were labelled as “conspiracy theorists.” We felt as though we no longer live in a democracy as laws are rushed through parliament without any debate or public consultation. Some of us felt a loss of sovereignty – why did we have to do what other countries were doing? Why couldn’t we make our own laws, as Sweden did?

No government or political party is perfect, but these problems  have been there for many years. You only need to look at WASPI, Windrush, Grenfell, increased food bank reliance and homelessness increases, nurses pay cap etc. If the government is so concerned about protecting the NHS then why not pay their employees a fair wage?

The founder of SORUK felt that enough is enough and we needed a voice and to form a group of like-minded people. What started as a group of 6 people who met on a beach quickly turned into 35,000 at Trafalgar Square, when combined with other movements. 

We have new models to put in place for a real democracy, where everyone’s voice is heard. We acknowledge that people may have very different views surrounding Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, but there are not many people who do not want a real democracy for the UK.

We will get there by working together. The Save Our Rights website does have some guidelines to follow so that we can make sure we are working together towards a common goal. 

We are gathering the people for mass action. There will be hope in the future

This is the movement with a solution, the one that has a full thought out plan from now and all the way through but to get to the end goal we need to reach a critical mass of numbers. This is already happening, particularly in London, but we must work together to reach larger numbers.


Louise spent many years of working in politics, hoping to make a difference. She went into politics with the vision of making a change, but then realised that this just wasn’t possible. She wanted to create a real democracy, so started the Save Our Rights Facebook group on 16 April. 

Louise felt that the mainstream media were only showing one side of the story and other voices were not getting heard. Not only that, she feels that the issues caused by the negative effects of the Coronavirus Act have been exaggerated. For example, the increased use of food banks, problems with care for the elderly – these were issues before and have only been made worse now. She could see that lockdown was going to do more harm than good and predict the political power grabs.


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