Our free movement is under attack in many different ways. 

We are seeing the attempt to expand ULEZ across the whole of London as well as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), SMART User Charges, Clean Air Zones and 15 minute cities being proposed or introduced across the country. 

We already pay road tax dependent on the model and age of our car as well as fuel duty. We pay council tax too. These roads are paid for out of our own money and we should not then be charged, again, to drive on them.

Free movement means FREE, not for a FEE.
 Not only are these proposals and practices an infringement upon our right to free movement they also have a significant impact on our right to private and family life. How many of you could afford to pay a fee every time you wanted to go see a friend or family member? Many of us couldn’t stretch to the extra costs so it essentially prevents people from living their private and family life. 

It’s also completely discriminatory as the ones that suffer the worst ill effects of these proposals are always the ones who have some other vulnerable characteristic such as age, disability, poverty and so on. 

The Government, as per usual, are washing their hands of the matter and making it a local council issue. So its time we woke them from their slumber. 

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Until 23:59 on 10th March 2023 if you use the form below we will send a response on your behalf to the consultation that is currently running about SMART charging in London. 

Where they want to start tracking your whole journey and then charging you based on that. We, of course, reject such an intrusion into our daily lives. 


Writing to your MP might seem like a waste of time. However, we believe it isn’t. It isn’t worth us all spending hours over well researched individualised emails because what they listen to is numbers. 

Which is why we make it really easy for you to do using the form below.

If you “Opt in” to the campaign we will send further emails on your behalf whenever a matter of free movement comes up in Parliament. 

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