We got creative in designing these handy stickers of powerful messages and questions to get people thinking.

Now it’s your turn to get creative as to where you stick them!

Single Design - Professional Print

These are single design stickers that are 75mm x 110mm.

Colour printing can be more eye catching but black & white printing is usually cheaper, so we’ve given you a choice.

If you’re looking for a national printer, Solopress can do this for you, but it is only one design per order:

Or why not see if you can find a local printer who may really appreciate your business in these challenging times?

Mixed Design - Print at Home

If you only want a few stickers, and have a printer at home, you may prefer our mixed design stickers that you can print off yourself as and when you need. 

There are 4 designs per A4 sheet.

You have the option of black & white or full colour. You will need to buy some A4 sticky label sheets with 4 stickers per page that go right to the edge. They can be purchased here:





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