Medical Freedom Bill Campaign Letter – September

Dear MP,


I am writing to you today as your constituent to ask you to support true Medical Freedom. 


We see Scotland and Wales mandating Vaccine passports and the Government considering joining a Europe wide vaccine passport scheme despite there being a comprehensive Parliamentary Committee report into the Covid pass which found that there was no strong scientific basis to bring them in and they would be discriminatory. 


While currently in England these are not mandated the Government haven’t ruled them out and the reality is that they are being used by many private corporations. This means that while the Government essentially endorses them they are encouraging discrimination and infact widening the gap between those that have chosen to get the vaccine and those who have not. 


An international vaccine passport agreement would restrict many UK citizens freedom of travel, affecting businesses and personal family life. It would be a huge infringement of our human rights and if this is brought to a vote in Parliament I ask you to stand up for the science and human rights to vote against joining. 


This is a very important issue, Parliament doesn’t give the people their rights they are there to protect them so when there are instances of repeated discrimination they must in fact act to oppose them. 


Furthermore I also note that a Statutory Instrument was brought in and after a mere 90 minute debate it was voted that all workers in care homes were to be mandated to have the vaccine. Since then thousands of care home workers are speaking out about how they will be forced out of their profession and separated from residents who they have devoted their life to. We will shortly start feeling the effects of this as Unison call for the SI to be immediately repealed to avoid a staffing crisis. This means any justification of it being in the residents best interests no longer holds up as they will no longer be able to receive adequate care. Yet the Government ploughs on and launches a consultation into whether they should do the same for front line NHS workers; the answer has to be no. 


It cannot ever be forgotten that by the NHS’s own definition for a patient to consent to any medical treatment or test they say:


    “For consent to be valid, it must be voluntary and informed, and the person consenting must have the capacity to make the decision.”


And that ‘voluntary’ is defined as:


    “the decision to either consent or not to consent to treatment must be made by the person, and must not be influenced by pressure from medical staff, friends or family”


By the existence of Covid Passes in any situation and Mandatory Vaccines for workers it removes ones ability to truly consent. Britain is a nation that prides itself on being liberal and striving for equality, I do not believe 2021 should be the year that we take giant steps backwards. 


I urge you as my elected representative to speak out for Medical Freedom in the short term by:


  • Publicly denouncing all use of vaccine passports
  • Voting against joining any European scheme 
  • Calling for the repeal of the mandation of vaccines for care home workers
  • Voting against any further mandation in any sector


In the long term I would also ask you to support Save Our Rights UK’s campaign for a Medical Freedom Bill or to have Medical Status added as a protected characteristic in the Equalities Act to protect against all future threats to our Medical Freedom. This campaign is supported by the Workers for England Union, Lawyers for Liberty and the UK Medical Freedom Alliance.

Kind regards, 

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