Medical Freedom Bill Campaign Letter – June

Dear MP,

I’m writing to you today as your constituent and in favour of Save Our Rights UKs Medical Freedom Bill Campaign. This campaign is further supported by Lawyers for Liberty, UK Medical Freedom Alliance, World Freedom Alliance and Workers for England Union. 

This has been an ongoing campaign for many months with two large scale protests in the name of Medical Freedom occurring on both 24th April and 29th May. These have been the largest protests of these types as Medical Freedom is not something people are willing to give up. 

We are seeing many concerning examples of infringements upon our Medical Freedom already. Trials of Covid Status Certifications by private companies, coercing people into having tests or vaccines to enable them to partake in society. Talk of mandating vaccines for certain professions. GP’s refusing to treat people who are medically exempt from wearing masks despite being told that they cannot do so. Hospitals refusing to treat people who are not symptomatic and would choose to not take a test. Calls for the vaccinated to be given freedoms whereas the ones who feel the vaccine is not right for them at this time to have their freedoms restricted. And lastly the Government putting out surveys questioning whether a vaccine requirement for school attendance ought to be brought in. 

As my MP I urge you to consider what this truly means. This is a HUGE infringement upon our rights, in fact your rights too. We are already in dangerous territory and it cannot go any further.

Parliament’s job is to uphold our Human Rights therefore I believe it is imperative that a Medical Freedom Bill is brought before Parliament as a matter of urgency.

The Medical Freedom Bill would prevent: 

  • Mandation of medical procedures 
  • Introduction of vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications by Government, companies, corporations or any other body
  • Coercion into consenting to medical procedures by way of withholding services and/or freedoms 
  • Discrimination against a person based upon their decision to partake in any medical procedure

All of this is covered in the likes of UNESCOs Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 2005 Articles 3 and 6 yet the Government seem to be taking little notice of such international precedent which means that it is necessary to have it written into British legislation. 


  • Let me know your stance on the matter and how you will protect your constituents Medical Freedom
  • I would ask that my behalf oppose any such measures in the House 
  • I also ask that you write to Boris Johnson on my behalf and request a Medical Freedom Bill as a matter of urgency

Kind regards,
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