Louise Creffield founded Save Our Rights UK – (SORUK) on the 16th April 2020 when the government decided to extend the “three weeks to flatten the curve” lockdown.

It was initially set up with both a Facebook Page and Group. The organisation has grown from there into what you see today.

The Save Our Rights mission statement can be found on our website.

Save Our Rights campaign on a range of different issues, but all issues which are fundamental for maintaining our Human Rights.

To date we have campaigned about Covid regulations, the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill, Medical Freedom, Free Speech, our Right to Protest, the Policing Bill, in the future we will also be campaigning about the Online Harms Bill and ultimately we will campaign for a Real Democracy. Check out the Take Action page for more information on our current campaigns.


The Medical Freedom Bill is a bill that Save Our Rights would like to see passed through the UK Parliament. This Bill is a hypothetical bill and forms the basis of our Medical Freedom Campaign.

We feel that we cannot count a victory until our medical freedom is fully enshrined into legislation as we know that empty words and promises out of the mouths of MP’s mean nothing.

Therefore we will continue campaigning, raising awareness and trying to bring legislation in in some form or another to outlaw all vaccine passports and mandated vaccines. 

Unfortunately, shortly after the Crowdfunder ended, the Save Our Rights bank account was closed by our provider.

This situation took some time to rectify and therefore these funds have only just been received by Save Our Rights UK in August 2021.

Thus far the funding has been used to distribute flyers across the country, placards and more for events as well as covering the costs of the Medical Freedom Rallies in London. We are looking to further the campaign by commissioning the full draft of a Medical Freedom Bill as well as raising more awareness.

To date there is still a significant portion of the money left while we endeavour to maximise the use of it and continue our Medical Freedom Bill campaign. 

Save Our Rights is funded by donations from our supporters for which we are so grateful.

There was a time when there was also a shop which made a small profit which was also used to fund SORUK however this is currently not available due to supply issues but we hope to have this up again soon. 

You can donate to the organisation via our donations page and you can view the company accounts via the accounts page on our website.

Save Our Rights UK is run almost entirely by volunteers including Louise.

We would like to take a moment to thank everybody who has volunteered for all their hard work and effort that they have generously contributed to the organisation.

We cover the expenses incurred by our volunteers when engaging in SORUK activities as we believe this is the least we can do to. However there have been instances where some volunteers have received some funds to remunerate their time given to the organisation. To date there have only been three volunteers that have received payment.

Yes, Save Our Rights UK is a limited not for profit organisation. It is requisite for SORUK to be a company as we receive donations and ran a shop for a short while.

Whilst it is not our preference to register our details with the government; at this point however, we feel that this is a necessary step to maintain our efforts and focus on defending our human rights.

Louise worked for her local MP, working on policy advice and campaigns. This was a position she took in the hope of being able to help others, however it became apparent that this was not possible in the current system. 

This experience is one of the things which drives her now, as she believes that we do not have a real democracy or enough political education. She is keen to see a dramatic change in the political system, in fact a full reform would be ideal, and uses her knowledge to spread awareness of what is going on and where political protocols are being ignored; essentially seeing herself as a political whistleblower.

No, Louise volunteered for the local constituency Labour Party group. She held the position of Womens Officer because she has always believed in upholding people’s rights and having faced some difficulties in her own life that are predominantly experienced by women she felt that this was a worthwhile position to take.

Louise resigned from the role early 2018, however she had not been replaced by 2020, some websites therefore still listed her as the current Women’s Officer way past her resignation.

Louise was a Labour Party member but withdrew her membership because of Labour’s stance towards the Human Rights violations in the name of Covid and she now believes that party politics cause more division and are part of the problem. 

Save Our Rights UK believes in free speech and will defend people’s right to exercise that speech. We are aware that many of our supporters choose a natural health lifestyle and discuss many subjects that would be classed as conspiracy theories – as they should be free to do so.

SORUK however only takes a stance on direct human rights infringements here in the UK.

Yes, Save Our Rights collaborates with many other groups, as much as possible on events and campaigns when we are all working towards similar goals.

SORUK believes that unity is key and that we must all be focused on the common problem that we face and is pleased to have built up, not only working relationships, but also friendships with many other courageous and selfless people that are fighting for human rights both here in the UK and internationally.

Yes, Save Our Rights organises big monthly protests with the Unite for Freedom Group. Usually on the last Saturday of every other month. 

Currently that takes up enough of our resources but we are happy to support other events when we feel they are in line with Save Our Rights mission and values. 

Firstly they do make a difference, the Government will never attribute their u-turns to our work but they were not choices that they wanted to make and therefore we do have an impact.

Secondly because the people change. We get brand new people each time. After attending the events and seeing the numbers of likeminded people the new people feel more confident to return home and partake in local actions and to stop complying with rules that infringe upon their human rights. 

In the history of effective movements consistency and growth are key. The powers that be were concerned about the growth, sending the police to arrest Louise two days before the biggest event in June. 

To let them tail off now would be to play into their hands and we urge people to persist and carry on promoting and attending.

Save Our Rights have organised events for outside Parliament on key days and at events like the Wimbledon and Wembley final. 

At this point we choose to make sure our events are accessible for all so that we can grow the numbers. We believe that some of the more “direct actions” people talk about would be off putting to some. 

We also feel it’s important to truly look and assess the effectiveness of such actions. 

We do not condemn anyone who chooses to partake in such actions though and are always open to suggestions. 

It is worth remembering that all change worth having takes time and effort. 

Consistency and persistence is key. Here at Save Our Rights UK we will continue to work tirelessly until change is forthcoming and we ask you to join us on that journey. 

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