Frequently Asked Questions

Politicise was founded in October 2020 by Phil Graham as a political engagement platform - (PEP).

Politicise is an engagement platform for the purpose of creating political accountability for our elected representatives, amplifying the people's voice, helping  groups to run effective campaigns and bringing political education to the masses. It is very much still a work in progress. 

Politicise employs one software engineer to create the platform. Politicise is currently being created by Phil on a volunteer basis, if Politicise was to be funded then we may look to employ both Phil and other software engineers.

Currently Politicise is not funded. However there are running costs and people’s time will need remuneration. Therefore in the future Politicise may consider running a Crowdfunder, accepting donations or investment from supporters.

Politicise’s mission is to hold anyone currently in a position of power to account for their political activities. This is to raise awareness and ultimately to influence and aid political change as we do not believe the current system is fit for purpose.

Politicise currently has one director in common with Save Our Rights. Otherwise one of the Politicises features is allowing campaign groups and organisations to send letters easily to MPs and other individuals. SORUK was lucky enough to be the first group to benefit from this integration and is what is used to send any letters via the SORUK site. In the future as Politicise grows in features SORUK believes it will become an integral part of bringing about change. 

Politicise data is stored in accordance with their privacy policy.

You can contact Politicise about your data at the following email address [email protected]

Politicise has experienced no data breaches and has been developed to be ultra secure recognising the importance of protecting peoples data.

Under no circumstances do we sell or distribute data to third party organisations, governments or individuals nor will we in the future. 


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