Frequently Asked Questions

Autarki was founded by Louise Creffield and Phil Graham after the 42k strong Save Our Rights Group was removed from Facebook and we saw that there was a need for a cohesive censorship-free social media platform.

Autarki charges a £2 per month fee to members using the social media aspect, all monies taken is currently being used for the platform itself.


This covers all running costs such as hosting and technical development so we can keep on improving the features the site offers.


This means that we can maintain the platform's integrity by fiercely protecting peoples data and not allowing adverts. As we know from other platforms that where anything is free it means you are the product and we are aiming to flip that on it’s head making the platform the product to the consumer instead of the other way round. 

Autarkis mission is to bring a brand new social media platform to the people who need and want it.


We want to flip how social media is currently run on its head. Meaning we will not censor people, we will not control what you view, we will protect your data, we will not allow advertising and we will endeavour to change the realm of social media for the better. 

We are in the process of building many new integrations and features so it will continue to offer more and expand beyond what is already available. 

Yes it does. This is currently available on the Google Playstore and will shortly be available with the App Store. 

On the site follow these steps.


1. Log in.

2. Click on your image.

3. Click memberships.

4. Click subscriptions.

5. Click cancel.


(It was previously more complicated but we have simplified it - if you have experienced any issues please email [email protected])

Autarki and Save Our Rights have the same directors however otherwise they are separate entities.


The hope is that if Autarki makes a profit in the future it will be able to donate money to SORUK to support the work that it does especially in regards to the fight for Free Speech challenging the Online Harms Bill.

To date no donations have been made as all monies are going back into building new features for Autarki.

Autarki data is stored securely in accordance with their privacy policy.

You can contact Autarki Social about your data at the following email address [email protected]

Autarki Social has never experienced any data breaches despite a few attacks.


We have developed Autarki to be ultra secure to ensure that it cannot be taken down by outside forces. 

Under no circumstances do we sell or distribute data to third party organisations, governments or individuals.


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