COVID-19 Vaccine Certification - Call For Evidence



The government is again calling for evidence as part of its inquiry into COVID-19 Vaccine Certifications.

The previous ‘call for evidence’ back in March saw 10,368 Save Our Rights UK supporters submit evidence using our template.

Now, we need you to submit evidence for a second time.

To assist you, we’ve put together a fully-cited document that you can send to the parliamentary committee handling the inquiry.

Follow the instructions on this page to obtain the document and to submit it as evidence.


  1. Click the button below to download the document. Depending on your computer and browser, the file should automatically download so check your ‘downloads’ folder. 

2. Click here to open in a new tab the Covid-19 Vaccine Certification Inquiry website:

3. In the new tab, scroll down and click the blue button labelled ‘Start’. You will be directed to another page.

4. On the new page, scroll down and then select ‘Continue’. 

5. You should see a page entitled, ‘Who Are You Submitting Evidence For?’

Select ‘individual’ and then ‘continue’.

6. Now, fill out your personal information as required. 

7. On the next page, select ‘Attach A File From This Computer’. This should open your computer’s file explorer function.

8. Locate the file you downloaded in step 1. Select it by clicking once and then click ‘open’.

9. You should now see the words ‘Your File Is Attached’.

10. Finally, check the box in the section ‘Guidance On Written Submissions’ and then click ‘Confirm and submit evidence’.

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