Stop Big Tech Invading Your Privacy

If you’ve had enough of Big Tech spying on you and using your data for their monetary gain, we have found the perfect solution!

ClearPHONE is the ultimate in security in a smartphone without having to compromise on features and apps.

Your Privacy Matters to Us

As a grassroots Human Rights organisation, we are increasingly concerned about the invasive use of technology to pry into and mould our day-to-day lives. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) will literally incorporate devices throughout consumer and home, retail, security and surveillance, IT and networking, transportation and industry, healthcare, energy.

Big Tech and the government are data profiling everything you say and do through AI, giving the ability to able to persuade and influence you and your decisions now, through ads and propaganda.

At Save Our Rights UK, we are concerned this data harvesting and misuse of our private activities may also be the basis for a worldwide social credit system.

We are therefore partnering with ClearUnited to bring our community members access to the ClearPHONE to give you the option and ability to regain control over your privacy, data and lives. 

Why Buy A ClearPHONE?

Take back control of your privacy by blocking trackers, ads, viruses, hackers and malware with a ClearPHONE. 

Empower Yourself

and set yourself free with ClearPHONE

  • No ads
  • No viruses
  • No malware
  • No trackers
  • No unwanted content

Take Control of Your Internet Experience With ClearPHONE.

One that is faster, has no ads and keeps kids safe.

How to Buy Your ClearPHONE

1. Create a FREE Account with ClearUNITED

Once your free account is created, you can then purchase your phone by following the steps below.

Note: If you are not ready to buy a ClearPHONE and are wishing to help promote ClearPHONE to others, you can create a Membership and pay an annual fee to access all the resources you need to help others get started on their road to decentralised privacy.

2. Purchase Your ClearPHONE

Once your free account is created and you’ve verified your email address, follow these steps to purchase your phone:

  1. Login to the site dashboard.
  2. Click on “Dashboard” from the dropdown menu below your avatar (top, righthand corner of screen). 

3. Click on “Store” on the top, right-hand side navigation menu. 

4. Click on the “Purchase” button.

5. Add the phone of your choice to the cart, making by choosing “With Google” or “Without Google” option, depending on your preference. 

6. Select “Provide Your Own Network” and “Provide Your Own Support” as the support we have available is free and because you will use a UK based mobile phone SIM supplier.

7. Kindly ensure “saveourrightsuk” is validated as your referral code. 

8. Go to checkout and pay using your preferred payment option.

You Can Also Buy Your ClearPHONE

Directly via this link:

Simply ensure you use your newly created account (with the same email address).


Ensure you validate the “saveourrightsuk” referral code on the cart page. 


ClearPHONE is an android phone built upon a new type of private network which gives you the internet you want.  This means you can go wherever you want on the internet, see what you want, and block everything else while maintaining total control over the experience. ClearPHONE is the first phone that blocks trackers, malware, spyware, viruses, phishing attempts, cookies, ads, and more.

ClearPHONE is brought to you by ClearUnited and promoted by Save Our Rights UK.

Yes, you certainly can. There is no requirement to become a member of ClearUnited or to join any ClearUnited programme in order to purchase a ClearPHONE.

Run on ClearOS Mobile, the only operating system dedicated to security first, all ClearPHONE communications with the internet using either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection (using a browser, any app or any service on the phone) are sent through ClearOS Mobile’s ClearGM private network governed by our DNS-based firewalls.

By default, ClearGM blocks the whole of the internet, and then allows only the good parts you want to see. You can choose to have total control over what is allowed or allow ClearGM’s artificial intelligence to protect you automatically – it’s up to you.

There are multiple ways this is accomplished.

Firstly, ClearPHONE blocks all malware, ads, cookies, trackers, and adult content.

Secondly, it runs on a secure operating system that won’t allow teenagers to sideload sketchy apps or work around parental controls (check out the number of YouTube videos that show kids how to bypass controls).

Our operating system literally checks every site and blocks access if any of over 100 points of validation aren’t met. And without all those ads and trackers, phone performance actually increases!

Finally, Parents can also force a child’s ClearPHONE to only use DuckDuckGo or Google and YouTube Safe Mode search to filter out risky search results.

Parental control software tools typically only block certain apps at certain times that you control.

Additionally, most parental controls are incredibly easy for any average tech-savvy teenager (or even a tech-savvy child) to circumvent within just a few steps.

ClearPHONE allows you to give your kids access to the websites and apps they need while ensuring they can’t access sites with inappropriate content or accidentally click on ads that can lead down risky paths towards inappropriate content.

You do. ClearOS Mobile does not allow any third-party to collect or share your data. Full stop.

The camera on each phone will be equal to, or better than the cameras on comparable phones in their class.

ClearPHONE gives you control. No back doors, no data collection. No tracking. ClearOS Mobile increases the performance of the phone. And because ClearPHONE utilizes the Android interface, you get all those advantages as well. But don’t take our word for it. Watch what early ClearPHONE users are saying.

ClearPHONE gives you control. No back doors, no data collection. No tracking. ClearOS Mobile increases the performance of the phone. And because ClearPHONE utilizes the Android interface, you get all those advantages as well. But don’t take our word for it. Watch what early ClearPHONE users are saying.

ClearPHONE can run any Android application.

Yes. ClearPHONE has an expandable MiniSD card slot for expandable storage.

ClearPHONE works at the core network level of the phone to fully protect you, block what you don’t want, and allow what you do want.

This is more powerful and effective compared to using a browser with a “do not track” toggle, ad blocker or content blocker.

No. ClearPHONE uses a hardware manufacturer that also builds devices for other top brands.

However, they have worked closely with the manufacturer to customise the hardware to fit our needs and also to allow for the tight integration of ClearOS Mobile and its ClearGM private network to work together with the phone hardware at the core level of the device.

Yes. With the exception of Argentina, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen.

In the United Kingdom, ClearPHONE will work with any mobile phone SIM provider.

In the United States, ClearPHONE will work on T-mobile or AT&T.

In Canada, ClearPHONE will work on Rogers, Telus and TerreStar.

In New Zealand, ClearPHONE will work on Spark, Vodafone and Two Degrees Mobile.

For a list of other worldwide carriers, see this link.

ClearOS Mobile 10.0.2 is based on a simplified and stripped down version of Android 10 built from the ground up using a private key that secures your data and gives you total ownership and control.

ClearOS Mobile is based on a highly modified version of Android and also runs Android apps, but features a number of enhancements geared towards identity, privacy, and security.

For example, users are not required to sign into ClearOS Mobile using Google credentials or a centralised authentication service.

ClearOS Mobile is unique because it starts by protecting your digital identity.

ClearOS Mobile then gives you the power to use the Android apps you love while blocking anything you choose including hacks, viruses, spyware, phishing, malware, ads, cookies, trackers, any app, any website, robocalls, behaviour profiling, and backdoors.

ClearOS Mobile leverages ClearFoundation’s work over the last decade developing Linux-based ClearOS Server security products for IT departments.


As the buyer, you are responsible for all shipping, taxes and/or customs charges.

These fees will be dependent upon the country you are shipping the phone to and will be collected by FedEx or respective country representative.

ClearPHONE products come with a 24-month limited product warranty.
See this link for complete details about the product warranty.

ClearPHONE may be exchanged for another ClearPHONE if the support team is unable to help fix an issue with the hardware or software.

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