As a grassroots organisation relying upon donations from our community, we also understand the importance of remaining fully transparent with the monies donated to support the movement.


Published October 11th, 2021

  • Save Our Rights UK started taking donations in Aug 2020
  • Donations were originally taken via Paypal
  • As tech and systems were set up payments went directly out of Louise’s bank account – these were reimbursed in Dec
  • During September we were preparing for the rally on 26th Sept 2020 so the Unite for Freedom group did a crowd funder (see SHEET 3)
  • We then started taking donations via the website which needed to be routed to a bank account
  • Vincent offered for us to use his bank account while we got a business account
  • In Dec we got a business bank account and money was transferred from Vincent’s account to the SORUK account
  • Upon examination sadly there is £4k+ unaccounted for and despite contact with Vincent this has not been rectified
  • We apologise for this oversight and cannot guarantee that these were not just used for Vincent’s personal expenses
  • Vincent has since left in March 2021

SHEET 2 – JAN-MAY 2021

  • This period is much more detailed due to having full access to our bank account and all monies
  • We pay expenses for our volunteers when they are undertaking SORUK work 
  • Shortly after this our bank account was shut down so donations were held securely in the donations platform and crowdfunder
  • Vincent received more money but invoices again have not been received – we were unaware at this point of the 2020 discrepancy


  • The Unite for Freedom group of organisations were planning a big event for 26th Sept 2020 so did a joint crowdfunder
  • This crowdfunder was managed and over seen by Simone M of Event 202
  • This is why SORUK donations were significantly less as all donations were directed there


  • Further accounts will be available at the end of the year
  • Medical Freedom Bill crowdfunder money is currently being utilised for the campaign and there is about 2/3rds remaining
  • Neither Louise or Phil took a regular wage