A Real Democracy

On 19th July 2020 Louise spoke at Speakers Corner for the first ever time.

She stood on a chair as her knees were shaking and this is what she said:

“This government does not work for its people and it is just problem after problem to the point that we have almost gotten used to it. We have stopped getting angry and outraged as there is too much to be angry and outraged about. People have suffered and even died and yet have we held the government to account? No. Do we have to take some responsibility for that? Yes.  I did what I could, joined campaigns, supported people affected, got involved, and tried to bring about change but I’m just me. I’m not big enough and strong enough to enact a real meaningful change. Well not on my own anyway… I looked around first for a group taking action and couldn’t find one, just many groups talking about the problem but not the solution. I am always solution focused so I started a group. It has grown hugely over the months, from being just me and a few friends in the first days to over 8,000 people today. It’s a Facebook group primarily with a page and twitter account too, we work together to support each other in upholding our rights and giving people the tools and knowledge to do so which is great and works well in the immediate effect however we have a bigger goal.  We no longer want to live in a country where there is a government without a real democracy. A government that can lie, manipulate, kill and ruin people all with no accountability. So it HAS to change, while this corrupt system is in place we will always be at risk of more actions like this year. (2020) 

Do we want to stay powerless? Without a voice? No! We need to say NO. We want a Real Democracy. A government that is no longer controlled by corporations and the rich and powerful and their Eton mates. This system was designed by the rich and powerful, to keep the rich and powerful, rich and powerful. We want a Real Democracy, that works for and serves the people and where we the people have a voice, we have mechanisms to say no via referendums to unjust legislation and the government to be bound by OUR decision.

We’re all here today because we see the need for and want a change but will it come about because a few hundred of us got together in Hyde Park? No! So we need to join together in our thousands so that we can build one coherent voice that says Enough is Enough. We demand something different, something that will get different results, something that will mean we don’t need to come to Hyde Park and be angry about their mistakes anymore and we demand a Real Democracy.

As Buckminster Fuller wisely said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” so that is what we have done, we have built a new model which would work for the people, it would give each and every one of you a valued voice like you deserve, it would prevent corruption and there would be HOPE again. 

Imagine living in a country where every persons’ needs were valued. Where education was about empowering young people to be free thinkers and confident adults, the work place supported vocation, there was fair tax for all and no tax evasion, those in governance listened to the people and prioritised their needs, no one went without, no children in poverty, healthcare supported people with finding the cause and supporting their natural immune system, a judicial and policing system that was not about profits but about justice and reform. A country that measured its success not on GDP but on the well being of its people.

It seems like a dream, like we couldn’t possibly get there, a mountain too big to move. But I’m here to say to you that we should dream big. WE deserve the BEST.

A future that will mean that our children and our grandchildren can lead a free, happy and safe life for many years to come. To do this we just have to UNITE even with those who we would often be polarised against, this is the time when we have to put aside all of our differences and come together to be part of the change. 

This is what we’re doing in Save Our Rights UK, we are joining our voice and demanding a Real Democracy. And do you know it IS possible because for every problem there IS a solution. I couldn’t do it on my own, neither could you, but together? When people come together with a united voice, they can do amazing things, so I urge you all to join together, bring in everyone you know and we CAN move mountains!!

This is still the ultimate aim and lots of work is happening behind the scenes to bring this about.

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There is a bright future ahead, journey with us.

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