The Real Faces of Lockdown – Susan & Eleanor’s Story

We’re excited to share with you the first of our Real Faces of Lockdown series – a series of personal stories and portraits of real people who have been impacted by the lockdown measures and legislative changes that have occurred under the guise of the Coronavirus Act 2020. Today, we start with Susan, the main artist who has stepped up to undertake this project by creating portraits of several of our participants.
Here is her story:
I’m Susanna Paterson. I’m a widow, mother and illustrator. Prior to being widowed, my completely brilliant husband had long been disabled by a massive stroke. 14 months before he died, he was caught in a fire he couldn’t escape from forcing him to fight through the most painful series of surgeries before passing. In my grief, I found myself touched by a project put together by another widow about widowhood, so booked an exhibition space and went to work to get ready for my exhibition. Then lockdown hit…no, it wasn’t possible to continue with my exhibition. My daughter Eleanor Morgan Paterson, 22 years old, is my youngest child who has CP, epilepsy and learning difficulties. When lockdown hit, all of the support services, including Day Centre where she would spend most of her time, were closed down. In fact, all support for her has disappeared. I’ve not been able to explain to her why all the services she used to attend were no longer there; why people are wearing masks and why the city was empty. I also had to explain to her why we couldn’t scatter her Dad’s ashes in France as we’d planned.
The first portrait is of myself from a few years back. The second of Eleanor with all sorts of things which have been made for her, including the ‘fish bag’ which she made herself. Her face is so uncertain because I, as her only surviving parent, couldn’t explain anything nor plan anything. To me, the most inhumane and criminal thing which has been inflicted on people by this ‘lockdown’ is to separate people from their loved ones who are sick or dying. This is beyond any cruelty I could have imagined and it’s happening right now, in our country! I’m sure so many parents feel the same. You are there to be their bedrock but you suddenly just don’t know what’s coming next.
Final note: The government have justified the closure and removal of all or most support services for those with special needs or disabilities, often leaving them and their families to flounder. Many other individuals – mainly vulnerable teens and adults with special needs have been isolated from their main support network (aka, their families) under the guise of them “being vulnerable to the virus”. Yet, the removal of support services and connection with their families is causing much greater harm for all involved.

If you have a story you’d like to share on how you’ve been impacted by the lockdown and the Coronavirus Act 2020, please send your story to: [email protected]

12 thoughts on “The Real Faces of Lockdown – Susan & Eleanor’s Story”

  1. I am horrified at the steady destruction of our freedom. What happened to our British anthem ‘ Rule Britannia ——Britain never, never never shall be slaves.’ What has happened to that? I am old and this situation is just like Nazi occupation. People are being ruled by stimulated fears. For your children’s’ sakes, take to the streets. Stand up to this manufactured and orchestrated pandemic. Refer to Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr. Christian Northrop and all the rest of our brave truth tellers. Be strong. Just say,’ NO, Enough.’

  2. I lost my Husband nearly five years ago. So live on my own.
    I am a very active independent senior citizen and am going to keep it that way as long as possible.
    These nazi tactics rules they wish us to abide by are not in anyway acceptable.
    NO THANKS !! I am going to live my life as normal as possible and yes I am going to rebell.
    I feel so sorry that the fear factor has affected so many of my Friends and Neighbours They have no longer got a life just an existence. I will not wear a mask, I will not social distance, I will wash my hands, not because the Government has asked, but when I think it appropriate.
    My life has changed beyond recognition, so my heart goes out to those who not able to even get out and about for whatever reason. They must not conform and say NO!

  3. I am sorry to hear about this woman’s terrible loss. She is quite right that the worst aspect of these draconian legislations is separating and isolating people from friends and family. What they have done to elderly people in care homes and people living in sheltered accommodation because of mental illness or disability, in isolating them in their rooms for months on end, meets the UN official definition of “torture”, it is sensory deprivation and solitary confinement – THIS IS TORTURE – how loudly do we need to say it to get those sheep to listen ?

  4. Thank-You people, my husband and I are descendants of soldiers who fought bravely in World War 2, my maternal grandfather was declared missing in action Abroad in 1941. My mums step-father helped to free the people held in Buchenwald Camp, forgive spelling please. We do not wear masks, and we do not comply with tyranny/dictatorship of any kind. My mum was also a nurse SRN, state registered nurse. I was born physically disabled and my husband slightly mentally disabled. Sending Love and Hope to All of You xxxx, from Mrs and Mr Ian and Debbie Campbell.

  5. I have had ENOUGH! Everything on the news in censored and left wing. This is no place for democracy. They stop you from protesting as you can’t be in groups of more than 2! This is ludicrous. It’s an infringement on our human rights. The mask is NOT, repeat, NOT going to save you. Wearing it outside or inside is pointless. Stop being submissive and following along. That’s the thing…if you don’t conform, you’re not normal. Your resented when you stand in a queue OUTSIDE the bloody post office for NOT wearing a mask. The world has lost the plot. NOT me! NOT those who want to fight back. For a mask to be used properly, it must be fitted by a qualified person (normally in hospital as you need oxygen tank). This only protects you 25% or so. We’ve had a lockdown and it’s done jack! The hospitals were already packed. It’s the NHS infrastructure. Government blaming every bloody thing on COVID. It’s the hospital infrastructure! We always had patients waiting in corridors on beds. This is nothing unusual. So, common sense says when you add more people to hospital it is of course going to be overwhelmed. The government past and present is to blame! The NHS was always over stretched and exhausted. Now when anyone dies of respiratory failure, they certify it as covid. The figures ARE EXAGGERATED! Government said we’ll only use the Nightingale hospitals when it is deemed necessary…Errrr…now would be a good time you idiots! It’s a Nazi state, being run like Hitler. We have no business anymore. This must NOT be the new normal. There must be HUGE riots and protests as this is out of order. We are a population of around 67M or so… yes, cover is contagious but so is a bloody cold. We need to mix with each other and start living again. I won’t wear a bloody senseless, pointless mask. Oh by the way, when you cross over the street to avoid being 3 foot away from me…your just daft and STUPID! PROTEST NOW!

  6. I have learning disabilities (autism), I had planned my entire year 2020 to finish my foundation degree in accountcy, but doubt will finish by 2022 as everything is canceled now.
    I used to attend a day centre but that carnt even open yet.
    I used to like going out to shops for clothes and DVDs,Xbox games but can’t really due to the amount of abuse I get for not wearing a face mask.

  7. Hi Johnathan,

    i wish you every bit of luck in your accountancy course. Eventually, things will return back to how they ‘once’ were. I know it’s completely annoying to wear a senseless mask. The WHO – WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, as of last week, has asked ALL world leader to STOP wearing masks. Matt STUPID Hancock, said he could not do that in the UK as he had come so far with telling everyone, that it feels rather embarrassing to now tell people to stop, when it was advetrised so much! WHO, now realises the mask, does NOTHING! Matt STUPID Hancock, keeps referring to the what scientists tell him. He’s a complete joke.
    What many people may not know is that GREEDY MATT STUPID HANCOCK, handed over a £30 million government contract to his best friend (BBF…ahh…how sickly sweet…), to provide vials for the vaccines. Boris Johnson, along with Trump, all have shares now in the vaccine, worth millions…later, to be billions. Only the rich elite, gained from this virus.
    What is laughable is we no longer have the flu or any natural death…no no no….from now on, any death, is now classified as COVID INFLATED DEATH FIGURES. If covid, as you say (Boris and daft Chris Whitty, who falsified figures…), is now more rampant than ever, why then has the 3rd lockdown NOT worked? Economic devastation, worldwide, will take years to recover. The elite, wanted a one-world-currency and a one-world-order. Like China, it WILL happen. It’s just a case of when.

    1. So why don’t we tne people throw the magna carta at them and take bck what ours by force . Its probably been done b4

  8. This is all a cross between Nazism & Stalinism. It’s a Living Hell. When you do the research into this, it goes real deep and sinister, where all roads lead to Eugenic De-Population. Many of the main players in all of this come from De-Population families, that includes Boris Johnson, Prince Charles & Bill Gates.
    The majority of people will accept it all and do nothing, obediently being injected with the Genetic-Modifier ”Vaccine” which has already killed 100s of people (see CDC adverse reaction figures). If you stay in Europe, the masses will drag you down with them because they always have, throughout history. I say ESCAPE WHILE YOU STILL CAN, because things are about to get so much more horrendous. And don’t have the DNA-changing Injection ! It’s called the ‘DARPA Death Serum’ and the ‘De-Pop Shot’ for Good Reasons !

    1. Perfectly said sinister chemical brainwashing drugs thats all the vaccine is DNA and.RNA CHANGING nano technology

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