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Save Our Rights, Save Our Freedoms

Let’s fight for a REAL DEMOCRACY.

This is a group for people who are concerned about the infringements upon our human rights, liberties and freedoms. This is a systematic oppression that has been going on for hundreds of years.

We do not live in a democracy nor do we have a voice. We will not accept this any more and are going to fight to change the system to a radical new and real democracy.

This was highlighted by the measures the Government took due to Covid-19 but is a long standing systematic issue so while there are many issues with the latest legislation we do not believe it worthwhile to give our energy to fighting each individual little fight and will instead focus on the one big fight.

This is a group for action, while information sharing is useful ACTION is what will make the difference. This will be in the form of protests – physical and otherwise, coordinating media campaigns and connecting with others to reach a wide audience, we need to be strong together. Please try and keep posts on these topics as much as possible.

Hashtags to use – #arealdemocracy #fightforarealdemocracy #theonebigfight #noneedformps #changethesystem

Invite people and promote the group far and wide.

OUR GOAL – to unite the people to take down the archaic and outdated parliamentary model and replace it with a new, radical truly democratic system. We are going to fight the ONE BIG FIGHT and WE WILL WIN.

You can currently find out group on Facebook or join our email list for updates and information on how you can help take action and make a difference.